Mai Wu

Cure App


Cosme Hunt Descripiton

CureApp inc, is developing “Treatment Applications” with medical equipment and software based on medical evidence. The apps our team built are used to cure diseases that traditional pharmaceuticals and medical hardware have been unable to treat.

My role: User research, Prototyping, usability testing, UI/UX Design, Growth Hack. Dashboard Desgin, Web Design
Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision, Google Analytics, Realtimeboard, Github, Atom
Timeline: 1,5 year, long term contract(2014-2017)

Service Concept

Cosme Hunt

The company was founded in July of 2014 by two medical doctors. They noticed that there are a few diseases that remain with limited medical intervention and medical approaches based on pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

I met founders when their team was only two people in 2014, and I thought their vision and the problems they were solving were amazing so I decided to work with the team.

A “Treatment Application” is a mobile application that allows patient treatment data to be obtained on a daily basis through mobile devices such as smartphones. This information is then analyzed using algorithms based on known medical information in order to provide personalized guidance for individual patients. Furthermore, this form of personalized application will improve the current treatment standard by allowing individual patients to be able to receive proper guidance from doctors and consultants.

Problems & Solutions

Cureapp PS
Cureapp Solution

User Flow & Wireframe

Before moving to web/mobile app design or any visual design, it's so important to determine and map out where our users are coming from. Since the company was small, I held the wprkshop and invited CEO and engineers to discussion on user's persona, journey and the overall information architecture of the product, ensuring that the team identifies potential interaction points. This process should been gone hand in hand with everyone who related to products.


Product Details


Since I met the founders 4 years ago, I was assigned to several design teams that dealing with different solutions for each disease. The most interesting project I was tasked was to design an IOT user experience and interface that enable patients weigh themselves and let them check weight with the mobile app. We had a challenge to make the system components that work together coherently by conducting user research and usability tests and make sure mobile unfamilar patients feel they are not isolated. I was able to design how the user learn how to activate and connect the weight scale throgh Wi-fi to Cureapp.