Mai Wu

Dancing Flamingo

iOS Game App 2014

This is my first iOS game application I built myself during an iOS programming bootcamp in SF, called Makeschool, in 2014. Makeshool is supported by Y Combinator offering practical, product-based educational programs across the world that prepare students for careers in the software industry. Through 8-week program, I focused on the coding aspect of app development, while gaining exposure to other aspects of product development like paper prototyping, user experience, user testing, marketing, analytics, moneytizing, pitching and more.
I draw, designed and hand-coded this Puzzle Game by myself from scratch to deepen my knowledge of Objective-C and Cocos2D-x(2D Games framework) on X-code within 8 weeks.

Skillset: UI Design, Game Design, Illustration, Programming & Monetization
Tools: Sketch, Photohsop, Illustorator, X-code, Cocos2D-X, Atom, Git

Features: Left Swipe, Right Swip , Up Swipe, Down Swipe, Tap, Sound

I believe computational thinking is the ability to communicate your thoughts in a structured and logical way. Learning one language makes you creative, problem-solver and more capable of learning another language.

I like to care about the balance between being creative and logical as a designer, which might be a bit challenging but also is a key ingredient in achieving success.