Chloé Takahashi

Dive into Wearable Device and IOT

Reverse Rock, Paper, MYO iOS Game App 2014

I participated in Y Combinator's first hackathon 2014 and

my team won the Prize, Apportable Sponcer Award

by implementing with API of the wearable device called Myo.


There are so many API Sponcer related to wearable or IOT such as Oculus Rift,

Google Glass, Airware(Drone), Thalmic(Myo), Pebble, and Estimote(Beacon) at the Hackathon.

Oculus Rift




I believe that the technology changes really fast.

It is so important to think how we can connect people directly

by using some wearable, IOT.

The desigenr always should know how to make relationship with new Technology

and how we can bring new experience to people in the world.

Google Glass



In those wearable device, drone and IOT APIs,

our team decided to use Myo API and Got permission from Thalmic to make one Game appliaction with Myo.

This game allows you to use Myo to control hand movement gestures

to play a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with a twist.

Instead of trying to win the game based on the original strategy,

the objective is to purposely lose to gain points, within the time frame set.

On the screen, the player would be presented with a computer generated move

(either rock, paper, "scissors") that he/she would have to counter-attack with

his/her own move in order to gain a point.


If the player incorrectly makes a wrong move,

the timer runs all the way down to zero, and the game ends.

If the player makes the same gesture move as the generator, the game ignores the move,

and the player is allowed to play another gesture move.



Use of Myo gesture armband iOS game device Novel

remake of the original "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game

Built With Cocos2d Myo Spritebuilder hardware iOS