Mai Wu


A photo sharing app 2013

SNAPEEE Descripiton

Snapeee has over a million female users all over the world. The app is said it's a replacement of Instagram for millennials especially in asian countries.

My role : UI Design, UX Design, Web/mobile/ads/Visual Design, content
Design Process : Understanding, User research, Prototyping and usability testing
Design Tools : Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision
Timeline : 2 years



I was a 4th employee at Snapeee and helped the startup to lead million-users product with a growth team.

First of all, I was responsible for creating our own persona and actively went out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate the brand.

As the service grew up, the company was facing a big change in branding and re-targeting its users and customers to monetize. So my team conducted user research and A/B testing to update Snapeee user persona and created colour palette for a more modern, adultlike feel and changed typography to better suit our brand nature.



Product Details

Snapeee Descripiton

After settlling down with re-branding project with creative team, I speedly created a mobile ads project and proceeded with sales team to provide an App ads to clients such as Fasion, media and cosmetics companies and promoted their products and brands on the app.

With an rapid and amazing collaboration between creative team and sales theam, we were able to create App Ads in several screens without letting user feel uncomfortable and less-actively.

I also created the ads management system and its flow so that both of sales team and creative team can make sure we are on the same page for monetizing and geering up Snapeee.